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The DB28 case is a Panerai Strap Replica Watches marvel of futuristic design but also pays homage Panerai Strap Replica Watches a few traditions of classic watchmaking that Denis Flageollet cherishes. You can appreciate the exquisite finishings of traditional metiers, or artisan craftsmanship Panerai Strap Replica Watches throughout by placing the crown at 12 o’clock.Unique architecture defines the DB28's personality. Everything about the case, from the aerated sections down to the hollowed out areas of the legs, suggests lightness and mobility. The superlative Panerai Strap Replica Watches mirror finish, made from grade 5 titanium, gives it a brilliant reflective surface that is brighter than stainless steel. The titanium is mirror-polished manually for many days with a boxwood grinderstone and diamond paste to achieve the amazing reflections and play in light. Although the case measures Panerai Strap Replica Watches 43mm in diameter, it is 9.80mm high. The watch is lightweight thanks to titanium. It also has a 43mm diameter. The DB28 was completely redesigned last spring. Beady-eyed DB28 fans will notice that the tips on the spring bars holding the strap in place were bullet-shaped to evoke the De Bethune first Panerai Strap Replica Watches collections. The elegant, extra-supple black alligator leather strap is finished with a polished titanium buckle.Panerai Strap Replica Watches

The watch's Panerai Replica Watches reverse side offers a completely different view. The Panerai Strap Replica Watches bridges, which are exquisitely decorated with circular graining and shield much of what's on the other side, are a masterpiece. A blue hand will be visible around the movement. It corresponds with the blued steel linear power reserve indicator. The twin barrels provide a 5-day power reserve and are Panerai Strap Replica Watches powered by De Bethune’s manual-winding calibre DB2019V5. The tourbillon has a silicon escape wheel, and runs at 36,000 vph.The DB28, a departure from De Bethune’s heat-blued Titanium colour palette, surprised us at Basel 2019. Its Panerai Strap Replica Watches two-tone golden suit was a radical departure. The watch's temperature is raised from cool cosmic to warm radiant, giving it a completely new personality. The floating lugs are another notable novelty, packed with six De Bethune technical Panerai Strap Replica Watches goodies. This is what we discovered after spending some time with the DB28 blonde bombshell.Panerai Strap Replica Watches

I was immediately Panerai Replica struck by the DB28 watch's suit in bronze. Was it Panerai Strap Replica Watches rose gold lugs with a yellow-gold case? The watch's feather-light weight was an indication that it was made of titanium. Could this be a PVD treatment? This is not in Panerai Strap Replica Watches keeping with De Bethune’s sophisticated approach to watchmaking. We soon learned that the sun-kissed gold colours of the DB28YT were the result of a chemical reaction caused by heating titanium - something De Bethune is very proud of.De Bethune is associated with heat-blued titanium, a mysterious colour/metal that invokes the cosmos. It also perfectly fits in with the brand's avant-garde sci-fi aesthetic. The lab Panerai Strap Replica Watches accidentally discovered the colour 'De Bethune' blue. This was for technical and aesthetic reasons. After selecting titanium to make balance wheels, Denis Flageollet noticed they weren't stable and decided that the heat-blued treatment for steel would be used to stabilize them. The titanium was stable when Panerai Strap Replica Watches heated to 700 degrees Celsius.

We spoke with De Replica Watches Bethune's team during Baselworld 2019 and Panerai Strap Replica Watches discovered that their decision to expand into Midas territory was a result of the increasing number of blue dials available on the market. Is there a brand that doesn't have a blue dial? De Bethune's famous De Bethune cool-blue has been given Panerai Strap Replica Watches a warm colour palette with golden yellow tones. The alchemic ritual of separating titanium from its dark core is still part of the formula. Grade 5 titanium is gentle subjected to thermal oxygen to allow natural colours to emerge. The brand Panerai Strap Replica Watches describes the two-tone scheme as 'amber & flame blonde'. It gives the DB28 a mellow, yellow feel.Thermal treatment does not have to be done on the entire case. It can also be manually applied on many parts of the movement. Each part must be individually analysed as the thermal process must be adjusted to Panerai Strap Replica Watches each component's form and weight. Because there are many materials in the movement, the reaction may not be the same. This is why subtle colour variations add depth and interest.Panerai Strap Replica Watches

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