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De Bethune is a Panerai Base Replica Watches brand that mixes Haute Horlogerie with neofuturistic Panerai Base Replica Watches designs and innovative technological innovations to create a unique cocktail. De Bethune watches are Panerai Base Replica Watches instantly recognisable and have won many awards over the years. The brand's take on the sports watch is the DB28GS. The DB28GS, which is a De Bethune DB28 Offspring, has floating lugs and a delta-shaped bridge, exposed balance wheel on Panerai Base Replica Watches dial, crown at 12 o’clock, and vanguard look. It's larger, tougher, and water-resistant up to 105 meters. The DB28GS, which was last year's Grand Bleu model in titanium, is back this year with a warmer, gold suit.De Bethune is a specialist in heat-treated titanium. De Bethune's thermal oxidation experiments have Panerai Base Replica Watches produced a stunning range of colours by heating titanium and steel in its L'Auberson workshops. De Panerai Base Replica Watches Bethune's metallic blue shade is a trademark. The brand decided to play with warmer colors, despite the saturation of blue dials available on the market.Panerai Base Replica Watches

Last year Panerai Replica Watches, we saw a very mellow version of the classic DB28 in yellow. Panerai Base Replica Watches De Bethune decided to heat up the DB28GS case with a brighter, yellower colour palette for 2020. De Bethune uses the natural colours of grade 5, titanium, to create the Panerai Base Replica Watches new colors. This is not only for the case but for many of the components within the movement. Each part must be calibrated properly. Although we aim to create a variety of tones, there are small variations that give each watch its own Panerai Base Replica Watches character.The ultra-light case measures 44mm in length and 12.8mm in thickness. It is made of two materials. The caseback and bezel are made of yellow grade 5 titanium with an Panerai Base Replica Watches engraved finish, while the middle portion is made of black zirconium. The recognizable floating lugs, with their bullet-shaped tips made of brushed yellow grade 5, titanium, have polished inserts in an orange shade that matches the crown at 12 o’clock.Panerai Base Replica Watches

The DB28GS Yellow Panerai Luminor Base Replica Submarine is designed to withstand depths up to Panerai Base Replica Watches 105m. It does not feature a traditional diving bezel. The watch shows the minutes that were used to time immersions on the sapphire glass. This is done by the unidirectional Panerai Base Replica Watches rotating dial. On the polished side of the bezel, you will find the hour markers or hour spheres.The metallised blue markings on the internal diving bezel are replaced by a second track made of yellow grade 5 titanium. It features cut-out Panerai Base Replica Watches Arabic numerals. To achieve depth and contrast, the dial features the distinctive delta-shaped bridge at its center, as well as the visible balance wheel at 6 o’clock and the power reserve gauge between 9 & 10 o’clock. Mirror-polished titanium bridge is used over the balance, and the barrel bridge covers and titanium Panerai Base Replica Watches plate are laser-engraved with a microlight. The quality of the finishings is excellent, with many hand-polished parts and chamfered pieces.Panerai Base Replica Watches

The lighting department is where the real fun begins. As a sports Panerai Base Replica Watches watch, visibility in all environments was important. De Bethune devised a clever, on-demand lighting Panerai Base Replica Watches system inside the watch, instead of just consuming a lot of lume. The lighting system, which is entirely mechanical, is powered by a tiny dynamo that's activated by the Panerai Base Replica Watches pusher at six o'clock. The pusher activates a small, mechanical gear train that is driven by a twin barrel. It lights up the watch when it is needed.Panerai Base Replica Watches

Panerai Base Replica Watches