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Independent Panerai Replica Watches De Bethune celebrates the Panerai Replica Watches 10th anniversary this year of the DB28, its most recognizable model. The DB28XP collection (XP stands for extra-plate) was Panerai Replica Watches introduced earlier in the year. It included three new models. The brand's modern, open-worked "Steel Wheels” concept is now enhanced with sapphire transparency, complexity, and a tourbillon as part of the Geneva Watch Days. The De Bethune DB28 Panerai Replica Watches Steel Wheels Saphir Tourbillon is now available.The idea behind the new DB28 Steel Wheels Saphir Tourbillon was to show as much of the movement's technicality as Panerai Replica Watches possible. We can't blame De Bethune, as the movement is truly worth seeing. The brand's trademark elements - the delta-shaped bridge and the use of polished Titan and blued Panerai Replica Watches elements, and the usual case - are now gone. A new, more complex model, the DB28 steel wheels Saphir tourbillon, has been launched.Panerai Replica Watches

The unique architecture of Panerai Replica the collection is preserved in the case, Panerai Replica Watches which has a circular central container on which the articulated-lugs are attached. The watch feels lighter than you would expect, thanks to its 43mm diameter and articulated lugs. Panerai Replica Watches The titanium case has a reflective, bright surface that is much more vivid than stainless steel. As usual, the crown is located at 12 o’clock. This is an ode of old pocket watches. The watch is also worn with an alligator strap.The dial is busy, but De Panerai Replica Watches Bethune's distinctive design has been well-respected. The triangular bridge is visible at the top, which was made in blue sapphire. The two barrels with blue sapphire drum covers, which allow for unobstructed views of the internal workings, are Panerai Replica Watches located beneath. It is interesting to notice that the sapphire elements have been framed by thin titanium stripes. This is a nod to old stained glass windows. A blued titanium hours chapter ring with polished pearls for the hour frames the dial. Another impressive feature of the watch is its hands. They are handcrafted Panerai Replica Watches and made from multiple elements, including the hours hand with its steel central canon, polished and matte elements, and the hands.Panerai Replica Watches

The tourbillon Panerai Replica Watches, which is located at 6 o’clock in its full glory, is Panerai Replica Watches positioned. But it is De Bethune so the tourbillon may not be your traditional regulator. It is fast, with a 30-second rotation time and a frequency of 36,000 vibrations/hour (or 5.Hz). It is also ultra-light with only 0.18g despite having 63 components - making it the lightest tourbillon box ever produced. The smallest Panerai Replica Watches component is 0,0001 grams. Although the back is more discrete than the front, the decoration is still top-notch.De Bethune celebrated last year the tenth anniversary its flagship DB28 model as well as the second anniversary its Panerai Replica Watches openworked DB28 steel wheels. De Bethune's first DB28 Steel Wheels of 2018 had the idea of opening the dial to reveal its contemporary architecture. De Bethune created a more captivating view of the dial with this DB28 Steel Wheels Sapphire Tourbillon, which was unveiled at Geneva Watch Days in August 2020. The Panerai Replica Watches tourbillon adds greater technical complexity to the dial. The inclusion of translucent blue sapphire as a bridge enhances the watch's beauty and adds an extra dimension to an already extraordinary piece.Panerai Replica Watches

De Bethune is Replica Watches associated with blue, especially the intense electric Panerai Replica Watches blue of the heat-blued titanium that Denis Flageollet accidentally discovered in the workshop. The blue sapphire crystal dial features a distinctive delta-shaped bridge that rises to Panerai Replica Watches meet your eyes. The blue sapphire is not transparent, but translucent and adds an extra layer of intrigue. The central area of the triangular bridge was removed in order to expose parts of the movement, similar to the 2018 DB28 Steel Wheels. You can also see two barrels covered by drum covers underneath the Panerai Replica Watches sapphire bridge.Denis Flageollet is the creator and master watchmaker behind all the blue sapphire components. The sapphire is then laser cut and framed in polished Panerai Replica Watches titanium. This is a modern interpretation of stained-glass windows. To give an idea of how laborious each component of sapphire crystal is, the bridge is just 1mm thick, and it is framed with polished Titanium. The barrel covers, on the other hand, are just 0.3mm thick, and they are surrounded with a delicate frame made of blued titan.Panerai Replica Watches

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